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Brand ambassadors:
the secret to online success.

Put your social media on autopilot with the help of micro, local & niche content creators.

You need online content.

Trust us, we got this!

Whether Instagram, TikTok or Youtube, we empower your marketing team to focus on your existing campaigns by complimenting your strategy with high quality, micro-influencer ambassadors!

Finally launch your TikTok account
-- the easy way!

TikTok, while wildly popular amongst Gen Z, is a fast-growing platform for all ages and demographics.

Providing better online traction versus Instagram, consumer brands and organizations would be remiss not to leverage the power of TikTok!

Image by Kyle Gregory Devaras
ATSA Images (1)_edited.png
ATSA Images (1)_edited.png
Image by Kyle Gregory Devaras

"We need TikTok ads!" -- Say less.

 🎶 It could all be so simple, but you'd rather make it harrddddddd. 🎶

Don't sweat the small stuff! We have the perfect solution for brands who want to run authentic, engaging, and timely paid ads on TikTok that deliver real results.

A marketing no-brainer.

We got that good good:

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How It Works:

How do we measure our ambassador campaigns?

As marketers, we all can agree that measuring the impact of our various efforts isn't always straight forward.

Thankfully, we do have tools and data at our disposal that make crafting campaigns with tangible impact much easier than ever before.

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What Our Clients Say:

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One of my brand ambassadors created a TikTok post that was seen by millions of people.

ATSA helped our TikTok ambassador understand what kind of content was popping off at that time, and it really helped our brand grow our own follower count, as well as drive new sales!

Youtube content is really expensive and time-consuming to produce.

Having ambassadors promote us on Youtube is a win-win, because we are able to reach out target market at a more affordable rate than paid ads, but also we build up our own Youtube channel with high quality content at a fraction of the production cost.

Image by Kyle Gregory Devaras

Need more than 5 people?

Multiple locations?

Whatever your social media predicament is, we have a solution for you! Our talented strategists have over 30+ years of combined marketing experience and will create a customized, tailor-made brand ambassador solution for your team.

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 Kelly Jameson Werner 

 Founder and Lead Strategist 

 All The Stars Agency 

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Global Talent,
Big Ideas

Our core leadership team of three has over 30+ years of combined marketing and media experience. Our marketing experts hail from different locations, with our main strategic leadership team based in South Florida.

Our distributed remote team, which we've built years prior to the pandemic, allows us to access top quality talent for our clients, and find people with unique backgrounds that help drive our innovation and creativity forward.

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Miami, Florida

801 Brickell Ave., 8th Floor,
Miami, Florida, 33131

Let's do the damn thing.

Find your perfect ambassador solution.
Schedule your 30 minute Discovery Call here.

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Have specific questions first?

No problem! Our FAQ page will help answer most of your questions and concerns about brand ambassador marketing, so we suggest starting there.

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