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Ready for

take-off ?

We help businesses drive online traction via micro influencers and brand ambassadors.

Small, yet mighty!

Local, niche or up-and-coming online creators are the secret to your business success.

We specifically focus on a micro-influencers, who are content creators with audiences of 1-10k on average, in order to connect businesses to the power of online promotions at an affordable rate.
Instagram Influencer Marketing

Social Media Solutions For All

We are built specifically with accessibility in mind.

Need a solution for your online presence that drives real results? We got this!

Whether you're a small business, an SME, or an established organization with a multi-headed marketing beast built inside of it, our services will seamlessly complement your existing social media strategies, or improve one that needs a little more work!

Instagram Ads

TikTok Ads

IRL & Event Activations


In Good Company

Trusted by brands who need to win consumer hearts.


We're All The Way Up

We rocket clients from nobodies to the-next-big-things.

If a tree falls in the woods and nobody witnessed it, did it even really happen? What about Schrödinger's cat? These days, it's the same applied philosophy when it comes to businesses and their presence on social media.
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100M+ Brand

We coach our ambassadors to create content that not only gets your marketing message across, but also is funny, education, trendy, viral, and thought-provoking.

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10K+ Influencer Collaborations

Our Ambassador services make influencer marketing accessible to brands of all sizes. We also create customized solutions for larger brands who need broad visibility.

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Proprietary Trends Research

We keep tabs on hot content, popular memes, trending and viral hits, and more. We empower our clients with social media strategy that is one-of-a-kind, timely, and powerful.


We're Leveraging
AI Tools for Social Media Strategy & Trend Tracking

These critical, predictive tools allow us to keep our clients ahead of the social game.

Combined with key market research providers, we're leveraging available artificial intelligence tools in order to customize our ambassador and influencer marketing campaign strategies.

We provide clients with powerful, AI-driven insights on their social media efforts that allow them to move swiftly, with purpose, and with a message that truly resonates.


Dall-E 2 
Flick AI Social Assistant
Lately AI Writer

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How Can I Measure Influencer Marketing?

There are various factors to consider that  are solely unique to your own business. 

Measuring the success of any creator led marketing campaign is crucial to determine its effectiveness and make data-driven decisions for future campaigns.

A few things to keep in mind include setting the right campaign goals, defining which metrics will be used to measure success, choosing the right people, and more.

How do we measure micro influencer brand ambassadors here at ATSA? Let us show you!

About Our Team

We're an experienced team making influencer marketing accessible for every business.

Based in Miami, Florida, our leadership team has a combined 20+ years of marketing experience, across traditional PR, social media and more. We're confident in our ability to provide unique solutions that drive your goals forward.
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Miami, Florida

1221 Brickell Ave.
Suite 900
Miami, FL 33127

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Image by Andre Benz
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New York, New York

140 Broadway
46th Floor
New York, NY 10005

Ready for take-off?

Schedule your Discovery Meeting with us, and prepare for online greatness!

Let's take some time to have a casual conversation about your marketing goals. We'll be able to to make recommendations to improve your social media, ambassadors and influencers included!
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