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Hello world!

We're a small team with influential marketing ideas.

Our small but powerful team helps brands increase visibility and drive sales by harnessing their power within the media channels most accessible to them - including social media content, influencer integrations and activations, and traditional PR.

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We can get you started with influencer marketing for 


Yes, really! No long term contract or surprise costs. Still too expensive? Ask us about our $698 Jumpstart Program for startups.

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Influencer Marketing:
The Future Is Now

Are you living in the past?  Let's review how influencer marketing could benefit your business in the upcoming years:

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Better Ad Conversion & Engagement

Less ad skipping, longer watch times, better KPIs

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Greater Reach
With Less Ad Spending

More people see your ads
at a less expensive cost

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Generate More Brand Content With Ease

More trending & viral content, less production time

Why Choose Our Agency?

With over 30+ years of combined experience, we have the maturity and know-how, yet the youthful agility required to keep up with changes in a rapidly evolving field.

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Social Media
Ads Experts

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300 Million+
Creator Database


Start (or Grow!)
Your Community

Create your content;

don't let it

create you.

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Our Technology and Research Partners

Your marketing agency is only as good as the technology they use. Good thing we use the best!

One of the key benefits of utilizing an agency partner, other than increased output capacity, is gaining access to expensive softwares and research that are available for your business via the agency!

We use research partners and tools that allow us to conduct strategic campaigns and planning methods, and help with the execution and carry out of those plans, as well as measurements and analytics for post-campaign reporting.

Other partners we rely on and subscribe to that are not listed to the right include Respona, WGSN, Later, Canva, Unfold, Answer The Public, and more.




Small Team,
Global Talent, Big Ideas

Our core leadership team of three has over 30+ years of combined marketing and media experience. We rely on a network of talented contractors and employees from all over the United States, and sometimes beyond, to help us execute our clients' campaigns to perfection.

Our distributed remote team, which we've built years prior to the pandemic, allows us to access top quality talent for our clients, and find people with unique backgrounds that help drive our innovation and creativity. 

 Kelly Jameson Werner 

 Founder and Lead Strategist 

 All The Stars Agency 

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Miami, Florida

360 NW 27th Street
Miami, FL 33127


New York, New York

28-07 Jackson Ave
Long Island City, NY 11101

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