Every brand has a story, and something that many of them get wrong is failing to tell it throughout their content and coverage in a consistent and ongoing manner. 

The truth is that media coverage, social media content, paid advertising and the rest of your marketing ecosystem are all connected, and should not be viewed as independent entities. Brands who integrate their story into every media touchpoint do this correctly, and achieve more growth and success, as well as find that their struggle to produce content consistently is relieved simply by being focused on their narrative versus what's currently trending.

Sound confusing? Don't worry, it's easy! We'll show you how. Here's some of the specifics:


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Who We Are

B2C Companies


Startups, small businesses and established brands seeking to reach a consumer-based target end market.

Influencers, personal brands and other individuals seeking to raise their profile among their core audiences.





The first stage of the marketing funnel for any brand is awareness. It takes a consumer an average of 7 exposures/interactions with your brand before they make a purchase. Media relations is the perfect channel for breaking down the barrier to that crucial first interaction and raising awareness.

After becoming aware that you exist, your media's next job is to drive a connection. This is often measured in likes, followers, and subscribers. Consumers at this stage are not ready to purchase, but they might eventually with consistent exposures to your brand.

'Community' is the name of the game at this stage. Moving consumers from simply being a part of your audience to a raging fan who's actively engaging with your brand is important, and the perfect time to deliver sales-specific content and media for their consideration.

At your conversion endpoint of the marketing funnel, your target consumer has made a purchase. Now, you'll want to consider media touchpoints that are relevant post-sale, such as upselling offers, retainment, and referrals.

"Three Tiers

to Media Success"

Other Methods

Just getting started with media relations or looking for a fresh start? Don't sweat it. Our proprietary 'Three Tiers to Media Success' method guarantees to raise your brand's profile in 8 - 12 months.

Depending on your goals, we rely on our experiences as consultants within a wide array of industries to figure out the best way forward. Our methods are proven and backed by data.

PR + Media Relations

Social Media

Paid Advertising


Strategy, media materials preparation (press releases, media kits, visual assets, etc.), outreach and solicitation, coordination and scheduling with external media, journalist and editor introductions, negative coverage defense strategy, coverage leveraging, analytics and measurement.

Wholistic content ecosystem strategy, influencer integrations, sponsorship integrations, content planning and production, cadence management, brand aesthetics and visuals production, platform feature integrations, livestreaming support (via partner agency), paid promotion support, analytics and measurement.

Advertising strategy and advisement, media buying negotiating, advertisement A/B testing, spend management, OOH ads (via partner agency,) integration of greater media goals with paid ads, sponsorship integrations, analytics and measurement.

Influencer marketing, celebrity partnerships, sponsor partnerships, podcast placement, media events, streaming service pitches, social media verification, SEO as it pertains to backlinks from media coverage.

Your Goals

Target results depend on you and your brand. We seek to provide a proper return-on-investment for all of your media spend. Generally speaking, our clients have an overall goal of raising their brand profile, converting more of their target audience into customers, and managing paid advertising more effectively.


We have a current billing rate of $195/hr. Our average client works with us at a monthly retainer rate of $9,500.

For social media services, we have the same billing rate and average monthly retainment hours.

For paid advertising, we take a percentage of overall ad spending. An average percentage would be 10-20% depending on ad budget.

How Long?

It takes some time to get the media in motion and working for you. That's why at a minimum we require a 3 month commitment to drive initial results and gather data/analytics for feedback.

Our clients typically work with us on a 6 to 12 month retainer contract after that.

Your Responsibility

While we can guarantee media coverage within a timeframe, we cannot guarantee which media outlets it will be printed in, (although our Three Tiers to Media Success will typically garner most clients top tier coverage in leading outlets.)

Understand that putting yourself out there to the external media is giving journalists control over your brand's narrative to an extent. This means, at best, driving new raving fans and at worst, getting cancelled.

At Werner and Media, we know how to leverage against this possibility, and give your brand the best chance at success possible!

Our Team

Kelly Jameson


Where We Are

We're a small boutique core team of three that has external contractors and freelancers who help us out immensely. At this time, our founder Kelly manages overall client media strategy, while responsibilities for our two managers are broken down into Cadence Management (production and timeline management,) and Brand Management (visuals, assets and narrative,) respectively.

With a background ranging from startups, Fortune 500 brands, real estate, academic institutions and more, Kelly's experience as a media and marketing leader runs broad and gives clients the best opportunity at true perspective. Kelly graduated in 2012 from university with a BFA in art, focused on media, and immediately post-graduation worked on marketing campaigns for a national athletic retailer. Since then, she started her own media consulting practice in 2015 and continues to grow her experience and insight in the rapidly evolving field.

We're based in Miami, Florida with frequent engagement in New York City and the media ecosystem there, as well as Los Angeles. Our team is mobile and flexible at our core.

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