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Why Ambassadors?

Stop playing social media on hard mode!

Kick back, relax, and partner with brand ambassadors who already know how to create great content online.

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Enjoy Better Conversion Rates

People trust creators they love, and look to their posts for guidance before purchase.

  • People don't usually buy from an ad the first time they see it. Did you know that it takes an average of 50+ marketing exposures before conversion in today's digital world? How many times did you hear that podcast ad before making a purchase? By leveraging the same ambassadors again and again,  you're fast-tracking the sales process.

  • People are more likely to skip, tune-out, or otherwise ignore traditional ads. When your brand's message is inherently part of the content, your target audience is more likely to absorb it.

  • Paid ads need to deliver key messaging in less than 5 seconds to be effective. With influencer content, watch times are longer, engagement is stronger, and there's not as much time pressure to get your message across!

Benefits Breakdown
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Save Money &
Reach More People

Why pay for expensive ads when you can reach the same audience without over spending?

  • Traditional ads are expensive, and prices are only going up! We recommend starting with brand ambassador content creators. This allows you to define an advertising budget that works for you, and be creative about how you utilize it.

  • Combining the audiences of your brand ambassadors allows you to reach a larger number of people than simply promoting your brand's content with paid ads alone, and research shows that this content tends to drive sales more than standard advertising.

  • We recommend using paid ads after your content is solid and you have brand ambassadors working for you. Being established and familiar to your target audience means your ads are more likely to work when you do decide to utilize them.

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Image by Marcus Löfvenberg

Stellar Content,
Zero Production

Ambassadors keep your content fresh and allow you to save money & time on production.

  • The pressure on brands (and their marketing teams!) to keep up with the demand for constant content is intense. By utilizing ambassadors, you'll be able to keep creating content at scale -- whether for your Instagram Reels, posts feed, stories, TikTok, Youtube, Facebook or more!

  • Even if you're particular about your feed aesthetic, using ambassador content to buffer your Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, Youtube Shorts or similar is a great way to keep your audience engaged, and the algorithm rewarding your account.

  • We acquire content usage rights from ambassadors from Day 1, allowing you to use their content however you see fit within your marketing, including paid ads.

Image by Tasos Mansour
Image by Kyle Gregory Devaras

Gather Customer Insights Faster

Smart brands are using social media for more than just marketing; they're gathering key feedback for product & service development

  • Social media is a great channel for your brand to gather consumer feedback and opinions, conduct surveys, find test groups, and solicit other key product or service development information.

  • Our technology allows us to examine the audience demographics of popular posts and content. This is important for brands who want to understand what resonates with who, and what else they might be looking for from your brand.

  • Using social for consumer insights is a much more affordable way to gather brand insights, versus expensive, paid market research groups and more traditional methods. Contact our Enterprise Solutions team to learn more.

What's the hold up?

Select Your Service

We offer brand ambassador solutions for Instagram, TikTok and Youtube -- from baby brands just starting out, to established corporations looking for that extra oomph!

Image by Kyle Gregory Devaras

Looking for VIP Services?

Need more than five ambassadors? Have multiple business locations? Our Enterprise Solutions team can create the perfect brand ambassador solution for you. 

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