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How Can Influencer
Marketing Benefit You?

Influencer marketing can do a lot more than simply driving sales! Let's review the key benefits of leveraging content creators.

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Enjoy Better Ad Conversions & Engagement Rates

People trust creators they love and look forward to their next post. Repeated brand exposure = better ROI for your brand!

  • People don't usually buy from an ad the first time they see it. It takes an average of 7 marketing exposures before conversion. By leveraging the same creators again and again,  you're fast-tracking this process and gaining powerful brand awareness!

  • People are more likely to skip, tune-out, or otherwise ignore traditional ads. When your brand's message is inherently part of the content, your target audience is more likely to absorb it.

  • Most ads need to deliver key messaging in less than 5 seconds to be effective. With influencer content, watch times are longer, engagement is stronger, and there's not as much time pressure!


Benefits Breakdown
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Reach More People & Spend Less Money Doing It

More people see your branded content at scale, at a price that's much more affordable than traditional ads alone

  • Many traditional ads are expensive, and prices are only going up! With content creators, you're able to assess a budget that works for you, and be more creative about how to utilize it.

  • To the last point, there's a variety of budget options when it comes to working with creators including paid sponsorships, pro-bono posts, affiliate programs, commissioned sales and more!

  • Smaller creators often have higher engagement rates than larger ones. This means you can reach the same audience size at a better advertising rate, with higher ad consumption, engagement and conversion rates, with micro creators versus macro!

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Image by Marcus Löfvenberg

Generate More Brand Content with
Ease & Consistency

Post more trending, viral, educational, and funny content that truly resonates without increasing your production time or costs

  • The pressure on brands (and their marketing teams!) to keep up with the demand for constant content is intense. By re-purposing and utilizing creator content, you'll be able to keep creating content at scale -- whether for your Instagram Reels, posts feed, stories, TikTok, Youtube or otherwise.

  • Even if you're particular about your feed aesthetic, using creator content to buffer your Instagram Stories, or likewise short-form content, is a great way to keep your audience engaged, and the algorithm rewarding your account.

  • We acquire content re-usage rights from creators from Day 1, allowing you to use their posts however you see fit within your marketing.


Image by Tasos Mansour
Image by Kyle Gregory Devaras


Gather Consumer Insights Faster
& At Scale

Smart brands are using social media for more than just marketing; they're gathering key feedback for product & service development

  • Social media is a great channel for your brand to gather consumer feedback and opinions, conduct surveys, find test groups, and solicit other key product or service development information.

  • Our technology allows us to examine the audience demographics of popular posts and content. This is important for brands who want to understand what resonates with who, and what else they might be looking for from your brand.

  • Using social for consumer insights is a much more affordable way to gather brand insights, versus expensive, paid market research groups and more traditional methods.

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Why Should You Work With Us?

We get it - as a business owner or marketing leader, when it comes to agencies, you have options.
Let us prove to you why we're the best one!


Target the Right Audience with Powerful Data & Insights

We'll help you reach out to, contract with, and manage content creators across Instagram, TikTok, or Youtube

  • Search for the right creators that fit your brand based on keyword, aesthetic, audience demographics and locations, engagement metrics, and more. 

  • We use a variety of databases with access to over  200M+ influencers, from Nano (under 10k) to Mega (1M+)

  • We can also solicit individual influencer proposals for a special project or campaign you have in mind -- at scale with technology

  • Find your biggest fans; brand ambassadors who are already posting about your brand!

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Make the Most Out of Creator Content via 'Max Utility'

Our influencer strategy doesn't just drive initial results. We utilize creator content to its max benefit for you!

  • We gain contractual rights from creators from Day 1 -- granting you the authority to repurpose their content within your own marketing strategy however you please!

  • Double down on success by boosting top creator content with paid advertising, or by re-creating your own version.

  • Integrate creators into your PR campaigns, gaining valuable earned media coverage for your brand.

  • Increase user generated content -- that is, content that influencer's encourage their audiences to create and post on your brand's behalf!

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We Know the Viral Trends Based Upon Bonafide Research

We use both outside market research reports from top sources, alongside our own research for key insights

  • Each month, we research trending topics and content insights from both Instagram and TikTok via our own in-house research team

  • Other sources we rely on for campaign planning insights include YPULSE, a leading Gen Z/Millennial research firm, GlobalWebIndex, a firm focused on media research, and WGSN, a consumer habit and trends forecaster.

  • We also review top creators within your industry, as well as their best performing content in the recent past, to help give you a leg up on social media.


Our Team is Both Flexible & Top Tier, Growing & Knowing!

We're able to offer what other bloated and expensive agencies can't, and are upping the ante daily

  • Our core team is based in Miami, FL with a satellite location in New York, NY. Our leadership has an average of 13+ years experience amongst each person.

  • Our greater team is remote and distributed. We believe remote work is better for mental health and the environment, without affecting productivity.

  • We are able to hire global experts for specific roles at competitive rates, giving our clients access to the best people for the job.

  • As a team, we share media knowledge, viral hits, trending topics, our favorite creators, and more so that we can stay at the forefront of our field.

Image by Kyle Gregory Devaras

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