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Social Made Simple

Create great content and take the pressure off your in-house production team, easily.

Our content creators are trained photographers and videographers who help you keep your commitment to content consistency.
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Authentically Captured

Content creators can produce photo and video content that feels more authentic to your target audience versus brand-produced content. This is because 'natural quality' content, (meaning shot on iPhone versus a DSLR camera, for example,) actually reigns supreme on social media. 


Whether you need a product unboxing, a specific shot-on-location, or B-roll footage to improve your current content -- we got this! Our content creators are a great choice for your marketing efforts.

Did we mention that light editing and re-touching is included?

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Social Security

We know business objectives and goals can change fast. Brand leaders need to swiftly adapt, both to the internal demands of the business, and to the external signs-of-the-times on social media, a place where today you're hot, and tomorrow you're not! 

Brands can protect themselves against these uncontrollable forces by going with the flow online daily, responding to rapid changes via short form content, and consistently publishing. Our content creators help you keep up with production demands and timelines, and allow you agility to create something you need with incredible speed.


Customized Campaigns

One of the greatest advantages of working with our content creators is the ability to customize your production needs each month, at a rate that is far below what it would cost to work with traditional photographers and videographers.

Deliver feedback and creative direction, ask for specific things, and integrate marketing initiatives easily. We make creating photos and videos for social media an easy, streamlined process that doesn't disrupt your existing content efforts.

Happy Shopper

Content Services

Select your service below. Only pay your Setup Fee today.

Take what you need, and if you need more than one service, please contact our team here for a customized solution and price. Ready for take-off?
Image by Kyle Gregory Devaras

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Standard Photography Package

Expand your social media footprint and produce more content that is better than User Generated Content (UGC,) with the help of our photography content creators.

Our creators capture great content, with solid angles and lighting in mind. These photos are a great option to keep your Instagram or TikTok Stories (which are temporary on your profile for only 24 hours,) coming in hot!

60 images each month sounds like a lot, but after you edit them and integrate them within various social media properties, you'll find yourself wishing you could produce even more photos!



Per month, no long term contract
$350 Setup fee
+ comped products/services*

2 Photography Content Creators
Vetted for experience, niche

Monthly content:
20 Images per Creator
40 images total
Re-touching included
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Photos .02

Premium Photography Package

More, more, and more! Need more imagery to support your social media editor's needs each month? Our Premium photography package is a great solution for brands doing big things on social media -- across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or more!

Our creators deliver the heat each month, giving your team the swiftness and agility to capture marketing content in a flash, beating your competition to the punch.

Make content editing and production much easier with a wider selection of great photos to choose from each month. Your creators help you produce content that's better than user generated content (UGC), and truly resonates with your target audience.



Per month, no long term contract
$350 Setup fee
+ comped products/services*

4 Photography Content Creators
Vetted for experience, niche

Monthly content:
20 Images per Creator
80 images total
Re-touching included
Image by Joey Nicotra

 Secured Legal & Usage Rights

No worries! We secure all legal rights to creator content, giving you the power to re-use them in your own marketing as you wish, including within paid advertising campaigns online.

On Sight
Location Shooting

For physical locations and events, our creators will be there -- camera in hand. Creators can also shoot physical and digital products with scenic backdrops per your request.

Color Corrections Included

We deliver your content with light editing per your brand standards, including any color corrections and aspect ratio settings. From our hands to your social media, just like that!

Face Scuplture

Videos .01

Standard Videography Package

In today's world, video content is absolutely critical for consumer-facing brands with an online presence. The powerful dynamics of video versus photo cannot be understated.

Not only does video content have longer watch times and drives higher engagement rates on social media, it's also quintessential for platforms like TikTok and Youtube, and increasingly more important than photos on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Unfortunately producing video is very time consuming and expensive. Our Video Content Creators make it easy to keep the videos rolling, and supply your marketing team with a stream of quality social media content.


Per month, no long term contract
$350 Setup fee
+ comped products/services*

2 Video Content Creators
Vetted for experience, niche

Monthly content:
15 (30 Second) videos per Creator
30 videos total
Any aspect ratio
Light editing included

Image by Nate Johnston
Face Scuplture

Videos .02

Premium Videography Package

More videos means more great stuff to work with! Using a variety of videos within your content results in longer watch times and higher engagement rates since it adds important intrigue and variety to your social media feed.

Our Premium package includes 4 content creators, which means you'll never run out of various angles, places and faces, however still coordinated together and aligned in branding.  With this service, your team can create amazing TikTok content, engaging Instagram Reels, or simply share to Facebook to give your followers something to discuss. 

Our Video Content Creators are trained to deliver the best content they can, and if you're not happy with the results, you can always opt for a different person. Ready for take-off?


Per month, no long term contract
$350 Setup fee
+ comped products/services*

4 Video Content Creators
Vetted for experience, niche

Monthly content:
15 (30 Second) videos per Creator
60 videos total
Any aspect ratio
Light editing included


Better Than
UGC Content

User Generated Content, or UGC, while popular for marketing leaders, sometimes misses the mark in terms of production quality or messaging. Our creators always get it right.

Fast, Flexible,
& Timely

React to trends as they emerge, beat out your competition, and respond to fast paced internal business changes by creating exactly what you need each month.

Save A Lotta

Hiring experienced photographers and videographers is expensive, and sometimes necessary for a brand campaign. For quick social media content at an HD quality, you cannot beat our rates!

How It Works

Here it is, our secret sauce. The *it* factor.

Produce and publish more videos and photos each month with the help of our content creators, who work with brands to craft the perfect shot or video, at any aspect ratio, at your disposal again and again.
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Discovery Meeting

We want to get to know you and your goals, so we can best support you.

Schedule your Discovery Meeting here.

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Take Brand Survey

Next, fill out your Brand Survey: an in-depth questionnaire that empowers us to find your perfect ambassadors.

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Ambassador Shortlist

We hand select the perfect micro-influencers for your brand.

Preparing Dinner
Ambassador Secure

We work to legally secure your top choice content creators on your behalf in order to craft your ambassador campaign.

Final Proposal

We deliver the final strategic proposal for you to review, agree to, and sign.

Family Video Call
Service Fee

No long term commitments;

 month-to-month billing only.

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Produce & Publish

Ambassadors and creators begin producing and publishing your content 

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Delivery & Fullfillment

At the end of each month, we send you the content plus analytics data.

Have questions?

Check out our FAQ page for more information.

Choosing the right partner to activate and execute your ambassador campaigns is paramount. That's why we compiled frequently asked questions for you -- to empower you with the right information.

Enterprise Solutions

Let us customize your brand ambassador campaign to marketing perfection.

Our leadership team has over 20+ years of combined experience, and has worked with a variety of brand partners to realize their promotional marketing dreams. Contact us today to discuss your project.
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