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Frequently asked


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What are the key benefits?

Above all, you'll get some awesome content to re-post to your own social media feeds, easing your marketing team's burden to keep up with the trends and produce high quality stuff.

Second, you'll be promoting your brand to their audience over a period of time, increasing brand awareness and eventually driving more sales.

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Why small creators?

Our creators have an average of 5-15k followers. We vet for bots and only accept ambassadors that have at least 75% real followers.

Micro creators are better than larger creators because they have closer relationships with their audience, meaning higher engagement. They also charge lower fees and yet produce the same, if not better, high quality content.

Ten creators with 10k followers is better than a single creator with 100k followers because more people will see your brand promotions.

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Why is ATSA the best?

We do things differently here. We're affordable, yet we pay creators above average rates, partially because we believe it's the morally right thing to do, but also because it results in better content and longer term relationships -- meaning more marketing exposure to the same audience.

We also know what's slay! We conduct proprietary ‘trending and viral’ research in-house, empowering your ambassadors with the knowledge to produce content that has the best potential for social media success.

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Our Proprietary Methods

Our Signature






Our Methods

Our Signature Programs are 8-12 week influencer marketing campaigns setup to help brands achieve market advantages like brand awareness or increased conversions. For more information, click here.

For brands with more complex campaign needs, or who want to reach a wider audience, we offer customized campaigns. These include campaigns with macro influencers and celebrities, ambassador and affiliate programs, product and sampling fulfillment, and VIP events. For more information on what these entail, please contact us and we're happy to help!

We also offer individual services to help our client's accomplish their specific marketing goals, including social media management and coordination, content production, paid ads and promotions, traditional PR, and backlink building.

Depending on your goals, we rely on our experiences as consultants within a wide array of industries to figure out the best way forward. Our methods are proven and backed by data.

Target Results

Your Goals

Target results depend on you and your brand. We seek to provide a proper return-on-investment for all of your media spend. Generally speaking, our clients have an overall goal of raising their brand profile and awareness, converting more of their target audience into customers, increased content exposure and reach, and managing paid advertising more effectively.

Pricing & Budget


We have a current billing rate of $195/hr. Our average client works with us at a monthly retainer rate of $5,500.

For our Signature Programs, we have an average campaign budget rate of $24,000 over a 12 week period.

For paid advertising or campaigns with major influencers or celebrities, we take a percentage of overall ad spending. An average percentage would be 10-20% depending on ad budget.


How Long?

It takes some time to get the media in motion and working for you. That's why at a minimum we require a 3 month commitment to drive initial results and gather data/analytics for feedback.

Our clients typically work with us on a 6 to 12 month retainer contract after that.

Who We Are

Our Team

Kelly Jameson Werner

Where We Are

We're a small boutique core leadership team of two that has remote employees, contractors and freelancers who help us out immensely. At this time, our founder Kelly manages overall client strategy, while responsibilities for our two managers are broken down into Cadence Management (production and timeline management,) and Brand Management (visuals, assets and narrative,) respectively.

With a background ranging from startups, Fortune 500 brands, real estate, academic institutions and more, Kelly's experience as a media and marketing leader runs broad and gives clients the best opportunity at true perspective. Kelly graduated in 2012 from university with a BFA in art, focused on media, and immediately post-graduation worked on marketing campaigns for a national athletic retailer. Since then, she started her own media consulting practice in 2015 and continues to grow her experience and insight in the rapidly evolving field.

We're based in Miami, Florida with frequent engagement in New York City and the media ecosystem there, as well as Los Angeles. Our team is mobile and flexible at our core.

Image by Kyle Gregory Devaras

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