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Why brand ambassadors?

Above all, you'll get some awesome content to re-post to your own social media feeds, easing your marketing team's burden to keep up with the trends and produce high quality stuff.

Second, you'll be promoting your brand to their audience over a period of time, increasing brand awareness and eventually driving more sales.

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Why is ATSA the best agency?

We do things differently here. We're affordable, yet we pay creators above average rates. This results in better content and longer term relationships -- meaning more marketing exposure to the same audience, and increased sales conversions.

We also know what's "slay!" We conduct proprietary ‘trending and viral’ research in-house, empowering your ambassadors with the knowledge to produce content that has the best potential for social media success.

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Are smaller creators better?

Our creators have an average of 5-15k followers. We vet for bots and only accept ambassadors that have at least 75% real followers.

Micro creators are better than larger creators because they have closer relationships with their audience, meaning higher engagement. They also charge lower fees and yet produce the same, if not better, quality content.

Ten creators with 10k followers is better than a single creator with 100k followers because more people will see your branded content, and are more likely to trust the source.

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How do you select ambassadors?

You will fill out a Brand Survey after you select your platform on the Services page and check out on Stripe.

his Brand Survey allows us to understand who your core target audience is, key demographics information, what aesthetic and vibe your brand is, and the brand standards you want to stick to on social media.

We then select a variety of potential ambassadors for you to rank, and do our best to secure your top choices. We recommend working with the same ambassadors for at least 3 months for best results.

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How do I change ambassadors?

No problem. If a brand ambassador isn't living up to expectations, we can take one of the following actions:

  1. We coach the ambassador on how to improve and deliver specific feedback to them, essentially putting them on a Performance Improvement Plan. If their content does not improve, we will replace them with a new ambassador.

  2. We will replace the brand ambassador immediately with a new creator for the following month.

Remember: we recommend keeping your ambassadors the same for as long as possible for best results!

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How do I track my most successful  brand ambassadors?

You can measure brand ambassador success in a few ways. You will start by defining your main goal within your Brand Survey, and from there, we will help you define your success metrics.

We can track external metrics like social media analytics and will ask your ambassadors to share their analytics with us.

You can also use individual discount codes for each ambassador which will allow you to track who is driving the most sales and other conversions internally.

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How long does my service contract last? What if I want to cancel?

No long term contracts here!

You will initially pay for 1 month of service, plus a one-time $650 setup fee.

After that, you will be billed on a month-to-month basis, with the option to cancel anytime.

If you cancel, we will cease providing service the following month from the day of cancellation.

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I don't need content. Can I just hire ambassadors to promote?

Right now, our ambassadors offer both brand promotion and content creation services combined. Meaning that, your brand ambassadors will promote your brand to their audience, and also supply you with additional content you can use at your disposal.

If you have different needs or would like a customized approach, please contact our Enterprise Solutions team.

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How long until my ambassadors can drive more sales?

As a general rule, your ambassadors need to expose your brand to their audience for at least 3 months to drive more sales and conversions. 

You can drive sales faster by giving your ambassadors discount codes they can use. 

Brands that use the same ambassadors for 6-12+ months typically see the most increase in sales over time.

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How do you coach ambassadors?

We continually coach your brand ambassadors each month to ensure that they create the best sponsored content possible. This includes the following:

  1. Trend research: we ask ambassadors to integrate topical news, trending stories, and popular music.

  2.  Brand focus: we tell ambassadors to include the right brand messaging, brand focus, or product/service highlights as you need.

  3. Production guidance: we ask for specific shots, production techniques, and applied effects.

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What should I do with my content after I receive it?

Each month, we gather content from your ambassadors and deliver it to you for re-sharing.

You will receive the content that they publish to their own accounts that promote your brand, (aka "Promotional Content,") as well as extra content that is created specifically for your brand to use internally, (aka "For-Brand-Use Content".)

We recommend re-posting and sharing the Promotional Content, and then using the For-Brand-Use Content to create unique content for your own social media feed.

Right now, we do not offer additional social media services, so it will be up to your internal marketing team to make use of your ambassador content each month.

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Let's Get Started

Let us customize your online marketing campaign to exact perfection.

Our leadership team has over 20+ years of combined experience, and has worked with a variety of brand partners to realize their promotional marketing dreams. Contact us today to discuss your project.
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