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Hire Instagram Ambassadors Here

For small businesses to large companies, we got this! Hire highly-trained micro ambassadors to promote your business,
and create high quality content for you to re-use.

Instagram Standard:

For the business who needs consistent, high quality content.

Never run out of great content again. Let's get
started with influencer marketing on Instagram.


Three (3) Ambassadors
Your Monthly Content:

  • 6 (30 Second) IG Reels

  • 12 IG Stories​

  • 3 Brand URL link-in-bios

  • 30 For-brand-use images

  • 15 For-brand-use videos


+$650 setup fee
Basic content, 30 days+
15-45k total audience size


For the brand seeking online growth & traction.

Expand your community and get ready for more sales, more traction, and more quality content!

Four (4) Ambassadors
Your Monthly Content:

  • 8 (30 Second) IG Reels

  • 16 IG Stories​

  • 4 IG Story Highlights 

  • 4 Pinned Carousel posts (10 images)

  • 4 Brand URL link-in-bios

  • 40 For-brand-use images

  • 20 For-brand-use videos


+$650 setup fee
Expanded content, 30 days+
20-60k total audience size


For the brand ready to drive sales via social media.

Your content is looking good! Now you're ready to promote your brand to the online masses,
driving more sales & conversions.

Five (5) Ambassadors
Your Monthly Content:

  • 10 (30 Second) IG Reels

  • 20 IG Stories​

  • 5 IG Story Highlights 

  • 5 Pinned Carousel posts (10 images)

  • 5 Brand URL link-in-bios

  • 50 For-brand-use images

  • 25 For-brand-use videos

  • $2,000 monthly ad spend credit

  • 100-350k+ average reach

  • Includes advertising specialist

  • Includes ad content creator

Image by Vince Mariel Conlu


Includes $2k monthly ad spend
+$650 setup fee
Boosted content, massive reach
100-400k+ total audience size

No long term contracts
or commitments.
Pure marketing bliss!


What Content?

If you need clarification on the service packages outlined above, try downloading our Discovery Deck here which will provide more information for you and your team.

Image by Kyle Gregory Devaras

Have Questions First?

Schedule 30 minutes with an ATSA account manager to get insight
into what we do, and how we can help.

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