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We've Rolled with the Marketing Punches

With over 13+ years of experience on average across our leadership team, we've seen the industry evolve rapidly over the years.

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Yet Mighty

Outside of our core home team, we also
hold global expertise.

Our core Strategy team is based in Miami, FL with a satellite location in New York City.

We hire and contract experts as-needed for our client's unique campaign needs who are based anywhere in the world. Our naturally built "Remote First" agency, which has been our operational preference even pre-pandemic, allows us to hire the best talent for the job, at the best rates.

Additionally, our relationships with talent agencies and influencer databases of over 200+ million influencers helps us find the right creators for your campaign, your target audience, and your industry.

Our Leadership

With a background in creative design and varied experiences in marketing since 2012, Kelly Jameson Werner has seen the evolution of social media, paid ads, and traditional PR take new shape within a short period of time.

"All The Stars Aligned was formed when I noticed that clients were shifting their own perspectives on their marketing needs. There's a general awareness of the growing impact that socialized digital spaces have on consumer actions.

Everyone can be a creator now, and having only a few hundred followers is still enough market exposure to drive entire marketing campaigns forward when coupled en masse. Alongside the decrease in return from traditional marketing, such a paid ads online, you have the perfect recipe for frustrated and outdated marketing practices that are undoubtably due for a shake up!"


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 Kelly Jameson Werner 

 Founder and Lead Strategist 

 All The Stars Agency 

Who We Are
Image by Kyle Gregory Devaras

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