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Ready for take-off?

Amplify your marketing efforts into the online stratosphere now.

We get it, coming up with content that actually gets seen online is rough! That's why our services deliver content that is engaging and trendy, captivates audiences, and delivers the right message, to the right people, at the right time.

Brand Ambassador
Micro Influencers

Reach your ideal niche, with ease.
Get started with $3,550.

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Unboxing, Testing, Reviews, & More

When it comes to product or service education, your content creators help convey your message to the right audience, raising brand awareness and driving interest.

Better Than
Paid Ads

People tune out and don't trust ads -- but they pay close attention to their friends on social media. Micro influencers have much higher engagement rates than major celebrities, driving real results for brands.

Prevent Loss,
$pend Less

Many brands lose products to influencers who don't share it online, or worse, share poor content that doesn't reflect the brand. Our method prevents product loss and guarantees high quality content.

Why We're Special:

Our micro influencer method is better than both traditional ads, which have broad reach but are less effective, and other influencer agencies that do not coach creators.

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We pay all of our creators
-- for a great reason.

Why pay? We prevent product loss and guarantee better content by paying your ambassadors industry standard rates.


This allows your brand to get the exact content you need, guarantee it gets published and not deleted early, receive full analytics back from creators, and create lasting partnerships -- resulting in repeated marketing exposure to the same audience, which is crucial for influencer marketing!


For affordable brands and ultra luxe brands alike.

We will adjust each of our packages to tailor-fit your brand's needs. For example, more expensive products and services will benefit from ambassador influencers who have a slightly larger audience, and/or longer contract times.


Grow your own online following easily & effectively.

One of the best ways to grow your own social media account is via influencers. You can work with ambassadors to create campaigns that encourage their audience to follow your account too, while re-posting their content to make your own much more engaging and interesting.


No long term contracts, guaranteed results.

Our business allows you to see how influencer marketing fits into the rest of your marketing schema without an annual commitment. We help you set goals, bench mark them, and then work to create real results that benefit your brand.


Rocket Fuel
Promote & Engage

I'm not a regular paid ad. I'm a cool paid ad, PLUS community engagement.
Get started with $2,550.

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More Credible,
Natural Ads

We find influencers who are a perfect fit for your target audience, and then work with them to produce a top-tier, on-brand ad. Afterward, we handle promoting the ad for you. Easy!

"Wait -- is this
actually an ad?!"

Traditional ads focus on promoting products -- BORING. Influencer ads are engaging enough to be considered content in their own right! The best influencer ads don't look like ads at all, and capture attention more effectively.

Community Mgmt. Included!

We don't just run cool ads. When you're seeking serious growth, it's important to engage your community as well. We help you capture interest, as well as hold it -- driving better social media results over time.

Why Rocket Fuel?

For some brands, paid ads starring influencers combined with community engagement strategies might be a better option versus micro influencer campaigns. Let's review the key differences:

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Potentially faster initial
sales and conversions.

Paid ads might drive immediate results, however require a lot more impressions to do so. This is because you're cold-targeting a wider audience, versus warming up an existing one.

Additionally, paid ads might drive results right away but tend to equalize, whereas influencer marketing may compound over time due to multiple audience exposures, (while also being more cost-effective too!)


Reach a more broad audience, instantly.

For brands that need to reach a wide audience quickly, influencer paid ads are a good option. We need time to identify the right influencer, negotiate and contract with them, and produce your ad, but after that -- you can use their content as a paid promotion indefinitely!


Strategically setup social media to your advantage.

As part of each Rocket Fuel package, we'll run paid ads to create awareness, and then rely on community management to retain awareness over time. We'll do things like research your competitor's social media each month, gather feedback from your biggest fans, and direct questions to customer service.


Engage both followers & non-followers alike!

Each month, we engage your online community through strategic methods, including comment management, negative comment removal, and strategic outreach to both your followers and non-followers within your niche. Our goal is to make your social media account an online place where customers want to spend more time!

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of our available services,
packages & pricing here:
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Ready to take
the next step?

Here's how you can get started
with All The Stars Aligned today:

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Discovery Meeting

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Schedule your Discovery Meeting here and let's get the ball rolling!

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Receive Your

Lastly, we'll send you a proposal with the who, what, when, where, why & how details of your campaign with us. Sound good?

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Enterprise Solutions

Let us customize your brand ambassador campaign to marketing perfection.

Our leadership team has over 20+ years of combined experience, and has worked with a variety of brand partners to realize their promotional marketing dreams. Contact us today to discuss your project.
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